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  Plumbing Services  

Get Plumbing Maintenance, Installation, and Repairs for Your Home or Business

When you need a plumber, you should be able to trust that the work you need is done with a skilled hand. Mylo Plumbing & Heating can install, maintain, or repair: Sinks, garbage disposals, well pumps, tanks, sump pumps and backups and gas piping


Additionally, our team offers services, including: Rooter services, drain cleaning services, complete plumbing repair services, pipe thawing services, leaky faucet services


We provide replacement and repair services for your most important kitchen and bath fixtures, including: Sinks and faucets, Showers and shower valves, toilets and urinals, whirlpool tubs, handicap plumbing fixtures and laundry hookups and utility sinks


We Carry the Following Plumbing Product Brands: 




Turn to us for any kind of plumbing or heating emergency. Whether you have frozen pipes, a gas leak or boiler failure, Mylo will be there in a jiffy! Give us a call today!

(860) 633-5117

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