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    Our History    

Mylo Plumbing & Heating has been family owned and operated since 1978. Second generation owner Michael Mailloux took over the business after working with his father George for years. Mylo Plumbing & Heating is both licensed and insured, serving Glastonbury and surrounding areas throughout Connecticut. 

We pride ourselves in our quality service and lasting relationships with our customers. Mylo Plumbing & Heating is dedicated to providing superior workmanship and treating our customers like another member of our family. 




Turn to us for any kind of plumbing or heating emergency. Whether you have frozen pipes, a gas leak or boiler failure, Mylo will be there in a jiffy! Give us a call today!

(860) 633-5117

We called on a very busy day and we were appreciative of help to get our heat up and running the same day. Fixed the problem we knew we had, a couple we did not know about and made us aware of future issues to be addressed. Excellence indeed!

- Nancy


Decreased water pressure, leaky pipes, poor drainage, or audible dripping


No heat or hot water, pilot light goes out, banging noise or thermostat issues

Water Heaters

Leaky tank, inconsistent or no hot water, rusted water or replacement.


Gas leak, frozen or bust pipes, no heat or hot water.

Don't hesitate, call right away.


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